Seventh Servant – The Benediction (CD)

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1. Revelation of Jesus Christ (04:42)
2. The Almighty One (05:50)

In loving memory of Todd Dowdy and Adam Yoder R.I.P.


released November 4, 2018

John Greely (Vocals)
Ginger Sizemore (Bass)
Shawn Walker (Drums)

Recorded by Miah Lajeunesse at The Sound Lair in Knoxville, TN
Produced by Athanaios Karapanos

1 review for Seventh Servant – The Benediction (CD)

  1. victor wilson

    Hey, I liked the Revelation of jesus christ, but 25.00 for a cd and fans do not have any clue as to what they are getting on that cd. A tracklist would be great! Some soundbytes even better!
    Help us make 7th Servant an effective messenger of the gospel.


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