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Seventh Servant is a groundbreaking American heavy metal band, founded in 2006 by former Iced Earth vocalist, John Greely.


Greely is known around the world for his work on IE Night of the Stormrider, released in 1992. SInce then he has been a frontman for multiple bands, making it his pledge to always uphold his passion for metal.


Greely’s passion is well represented with Seventh Servant. His shredding guitar playing and new vocal styles, combined with the band’s catchy melodies give them their own musical edge.


“Greely sings with just the right amount of gruff and gritt with his vocal style pairing perfectly with the band’s arrangements.”

– Christian Molten Metal


Seventh Servant partnered with Roxx Records in 2021 to produce their debut album The Tree of Life. Their single “Jezebel” features former Judas Priest vocalist, Tim “Ripper” Owens.


“John and Tim work in harmony together on this song and they blend beautifully vocally…”

– The Metal Onslaught


The album is beautifully orchestrated by Greek composer Marinos Tokas. It consists of 7 songs that take the listener through a unique metal experience, lyrically covering the first 3 chapters of the Book of Revelation.


Bassist Ginger Sizemore brings heavy bass lines and fullness to the arrangements. Drummer Shawn Walker stays natural with his heavily intense techniques and styles. Lead guitarist Miah Lajeunesse and his soaring leads bring the lineup to a whole new level.


“Crunchy guitars, clear pounding thundering drums and bass, with melodic, harmony laden vocals with tasteful underlying keys.”

– Heaven’s Metal Magazine


“This stellar debut album is more than heavy – it’s a metal opus!”

– Covenant Metal Show


Seventh Servant has experienced the painful loss of two drummers in their rocky past. Todd Dowdy (2016) and Adam Yoder (2017) are both sadly missed.


Despite the band’s setbacks their determination has made them what they are today. “God wants everyone to hear this and he has put it on our hearts to get the word out. He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says!”


Be sure to look for their upcoming “The Tree of Life” tour in 2023! For updates and merchandise go to seventhservant.com


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